“Smithcom understood the importance of our event, and what #DisruptMining was trying to accomplish, innovation in a sector that is slow to adapt. We appreciated their attention to detail throughout the planning and execution stage. The call for disruption within our industry was carefully messaged with insight from Smithcom and successfully broadcast throughout their network. Smithcom’s expertise in digital communication allowed us to create a media campaign which lead to widespread engagement and coverage on a national scale.”
Stephen de Jong
President and CEO, Integra Gold
The Integra Gold Rush Challenge in 2016 was a call to action to mining industry peers, where George Salamis, Executive Chairman of Integra Gold, called upon the industry to “get off the sidelines and into the innovation game.” Goldcorp delivered and together with Integra Gold they launched the #DisruptMining initiative in 2017. With a goal to collaborate, spur investment and accelerate the pace of innovation, #DisruptMining broke down the wall between technology and mining and provided a platform for entrepreneurs working with disruptive and exponential technologies to demonstrate their application across the entire industry – from exploration and discovery to production and mine closure to financing, marketing and corporate social responsibly. 153 submissions were received, with 12 semi-finalists and five finalists showcasing their innovation at a finale event during the 2017 PDAC convention. #DisruptMining boldly continued what the Integra Gold Rush Challenge started – opening minds, opening databases and opening technologies to drive the industry forward.
Smithcom built and executed the communications strategy for #DisruptMining that positioned Goldcorp and Integra as innovation leaders across the mining industry and corporate Canada. The campaign earned significant national, regional and trade media coverage, widespread social media engagement and extensive collaboration and applaud from government and stakeholders. Integra Gold and Goldcorp continue to be actively sought out as industry leaders thinking outside the box and disrupting the international mining industry to stay competitive and deliver greater shareholder value.

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