“Setting up a new stock exchange is not a simple matter. Setting one up based on ground-breaking business and technology solutions that truly benefit investors and capital raising companies is complex. Complex in implementing it, but also complex in communicating about it. We were very pleased we could count on the support and guidance of Smithcom. They not only helped us develop the right messages across our large stakeholder community, but also played a critical role in ensuring we were communicating at the right times through the right channels.”
Jos Schmitt
President & CEO, Aequitas NEO Exchange
A consortium of large Canadian financial institutions had a vision for a more robust and competitive Canadian capital markets. Smithcom worked with these institutions to establish Aequitas Innovations and introduce new and different solutions to promote fairness, liquidity and transparency in the market. Smithcom implemented a communications strategy designed to encourage market participants to make their voice heard and support competition and innovation in the Canadian capital markets.
In March 2015, following a two-year regulatory engagement process, Smithcom worked with Aequitas Innovations to launch the NEO Exchange, Canada’s newest stock exchange that is using a bold new blueprint that puts long-term investors and capital-raising corporations first. With the launch of the NEO Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange has a formidable competitor.

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