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With the goals of shifting public perceptions of the Ontario mining industry, demonstrating global leadership, increasing awareness of the importance of minerals to our economy and society and positioning Ontario’s mining industry as responsible and committed to sustainability, Smithcom designed and executed an unbranded campaign targeted at urban southern Millenials that focused on five key pillars:

An industry of the future vs. the past
An industry that celebrates diversity
An industry that protects the environment vs. one that harms it
An industry that builds communities vs. one that extracts

An industry that provides exciting, appealing work vs. one that is undesirable to youth

The unique campaign leveraged untraditional strategies to reach our target audience including in person experiences (the CNE, Toronto Fashion Week), a partnership with the Ontario Hockey League, a virtual photo exhibit with professional photographers, a ‘Masterclass’ at Collision (the Olympics of tech) and a podcast with a well-known media and technology influencer (winner of a Canadian Podcasting Award).

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