“Our industry hired Smithcom because we were facing an unprecedented challenge from a new competitive threat. Smithcom worked with us to create a targeted campaign that they executed over three years. We have been very pleased with the results and we have retained our competitive advantage.   Plus they have worked with us to revitalize the image of the corrugated industry to keep it relevant and fresh.  We would highly recommend them.”

– David Andrews, Executive Director, Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association


The Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association (CCCA) has thrived for many years but has never had to face competition. This changed in 2012 with the introduction of reusable plastic containers (RPCs) in the food industry. This alternative shipping method was expected to have a negative impact on mills, converters and associate members and were in some cases being mandated by retailers.

Smithcom developed a comprehensive multi-year strategy to position corrugated paperboard as the preferred packaging option and safest vehicle for products going to market. Our primary goals were to motivate retailers to stay with corrugated and make certain the benefits of corrugated were well understood outside the industry versus the new competitor. Our strategy was to develop new content using food safety research, update their image and focus their message.

The media announcements on the food safety studies have yielded positive and broad results. Daily papers across the country have reported on the studies, as well as CTV and various Canadian and American trade publications. International corrugated and containerboard associations in Europe, Mexico and the USA praised the initiative. The results of the study were also shared with Canadian retailers. Many retailers indicated no plans to switch to RPCs, including Walmart Canada. The advertising developed provided modern imagery and text to make certain the benefits of corrugated are well understood outside the industry, and positioned the industry as leaders in packaging.